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Technical specifications
–  2 guiding pillars
–  105 mm stroke way
–  headplate thread size 1 ¼ x 12 UNF, inclusive adaptor to 7/8 x 14 UNF
–  comfortable reloading
–  up to .338 Lapua magnum or similar

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Base plate Präzipress


Precision press (stroke 105 mm)
Incl. 2 reducing sleeves
Incl. hook wrench
Incl. open-end wrench

Technical data “PRÄZIPRESS”
– Version 2 columns
– Lifting height 105 mm
– Mounting in the head plate 1 ¼ x 12 UNF , adapter to 7/8 x 14 UNF included
– Holder for standard sleeve holder


The advantages in summary:

– Maximum centering accuracy between press punch and die
– Symmetrical design, linear transmission of the press force to the sleeve, no tilting moment possible
– Solid end stop at top dead centre on both sides for absolutely even setting depth and locking distance, no snapping, no springing, no backlash
– The primers are disposed of through a tube down into a container
– Press lever can be mounted on the right or left
– All edges cleanly rounded, high-quality industrial bronzing
– Shafts ground and hard chrome-plated
– All moving parts mounted in replaceable bronze bushings
– Exact fixing of the sleeve holders through hardened, spring loaded ball pins

Additional information

Weight 15 kg